Workshops - Look Ma, No Curves!

Look Ma, No Curves!

Terrified of those pesky curves?
Well..worry no more!  This awesome wall hanging looks great no matter what colors you choose!

Full day Workshop

Basic Supply List:

Sewing Machine in good working order
Sharp (preferably new) needles size 14/90
Neutral thread for bobbin and top
Pins (I prefer flower head)
Cutting matt & Ruler
Rotary cutter with a sharp (or new) blade
Add a Quarter or Add an Eighth ruler
Hard edge
Perfect Paper Piecing Seam Roller
Iron and ironing matt or board
Paper Scissors
Fabric Scissors
Grim Ripper (for those rare times we need to rip out seams)
Thread nippers
Fabric (see below for each pattern for specifics)
A piece of flannel to be used for your design wall
Masking tape
A bag for your garbage

Yeah..sounds like a lot, but it's really no more than you would take to any other class!

'Look Ma, No Curves'
Background (based on black colorway): Black 3-3/4 yards
Lime Green:  3/4 yard
Orange:  3/4 yard total (feel free to mix up oranges)
Pinkish Purple: 1/2 yard
Hot Pink:  1/2 yard
8-10 assorted fat quarters, bright colors

Click for printable version of supply list.